Drums:    Pearl Professional DLX Recording Set,

               22" Bass Drum

               10,12,13,14,16" Tom

               Snares:    Pearl FreeFloating Snare 14",

                              Ludwig Bonham 14"x 6.5" Supraphonic-402 Blue & Olive

                              Premier 14"x12" Snare,

                              Millenium Piccolo Snare 14"

                              diverse andere Snares

               Cymbals: Paiste, Meinl, Zildjan


Keyboards:   Kurzweil K 1000

                    Alesis D4 Drummodule



Virtual Instruments:   Access Virus Indigo TDM

                                  Logic EXS TDM

                                  Toontrack EZ Drummer, Superior Drummer + Sets

                                  All Apple Logic Pro virtual Instruments

                                  Native Instuments: Komplete 7 

                                                               Eastwest Boesendorfer 290 Piano

                                  Spectrasonics:       Stylus RMX, Atmosphere, Trilogy, Omnisphere

                                  Steinberg:             The Grand Piano, Virtual Guitarist,

                                                               Groove Agent, XPhraze


Samples:          complete AppleStudioSoundLibrary

                        Apple Jam Pack
                        Eastwest Bösendorfer Piano

                        Peter Sidlaceck´s Advanced Orchestra
                        BBC Sound Effects Library Disk  1 - 60

                        Natural Sound Samples Drums and Percussion

                       and tons of other Sample CD´s