New Shoes Jazz Quartet

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first steps



In the Austrian jazz scene, the "New Shoes Jazz Quartet" has long since
made its first steps. As of November 2007, one can now enjoy their
on CD. Although the title of the CD might conjure images of first
attempts at getting on your own feet,
the music gives a different impression. The original compositions fully
express self-confidence and musical pleasure, all while maintaining a
high quality

 performance and trueness to jazz.

The New Shoes Jazz Quartet was founded in spring 2006. Saxophone player
Oberthaler had just returned from a long stay in New York, with his mind
full of new ideas. With the pianist Clemens Pechstein he found a creative
companion, and the two musicians are supported perfectly by Christian
Wendt on the double-bass as well as Peter Kronreif on the drums.

In the compositions by Franz Oberthaler and Clemens Pechstein one can
find great rhythmic variety. In particular, Peter Kronreif and
Wendt interpret these original pieces in a very precise but at the same
time flexible way, and the band never loses its fluid style. The third
part of the group is Clemens Pechstein, whose fine and sensitive piano
playing stands out both in solos and accompaniment. Finally, saxplayer
Franz Oberthaler joins the rhythmic stream with his very clear and rich
sound. His style is sometimes reminiscent of

 traditional bebop lines
integrated perfectly into the modern context. From time to time he
completely breaks out and creates exhilaratingly dynamic tension
with the rest of the quartet.

A remarkable quality of the "New Shoes Jazz Quartet" is its wonderfully
harmonic way of playing together, while each musician still has enough
space for his own moves. "First steps" was recorded, mixed and mastered
by Reinhard Brunner at ATS Records, Molln and is the prosperous first
work of a truly ambitious quartet from which we will surely hear a lot
more in the future.