Valdinho Langer, Wolfgang Puschnig, Karl Schaupp

673 #102
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the bright path




wolfgang puschnig...altosax,flute
karl schaupp...piano

while the cast for the latest three cds (”fragments of a journey”, “variety”, “some of us”) ranged from solo to quintet, “the bright path” - as far as instrumentation is concerned - is a not quite conventional trio performance with wolfgang and karl, to whom I owe a lot in my musical life. the idea for this indeed came very playfully, and after some concerts, one of which was broadcast by radio oe1, we set out for the studio with it.


“song for everyone” and “song for prakash”

are dedicated to the memory of my late friend, the tabla virtuoso prakash maharaj (see also “fragments of a journey”, “variety”). at the time I had recorded shankar’s beautiful composition “song for everyone” with prakash. here it has found a different tone. “song for prakash” is a new composition, recorded here for the first time.


what’s intriguing about “pusan” (from “fragments”) is that wolfgang was already part of it then, in a trio together with percussionist milton cardona. we are back with it here, slight alterations and the piano creating a new sound pattern.

“little chamber music”

(from “fragments” too) has developed from a fragile solo to a more fully voiced experience of sound.

“tico” and “so pra mim”

a waltz and a choro, bow deeply to pixinguinha, one of the truly great of the rich brazilian tradition.

“für wolfgang”

is karl’s intimate dedication to wolfgang, the only piece here to deviate from the trio formation.

“tierra caliente”

gives three cheers to the spanish latin american tradition, a passion of mine that’s here to stay.


is meant to let imagination take its course, an hommage to the tropics and their wasteful abundance.

“cuando sali de cuba”

I heard “cuando sali de cuba” for the first time in the 60ies as a popsong by the tremeloes (“once on a sunday morning”). this simple, heart-warming song actually originated in cuba. wolfgang has given it the ennoblement it deserves.