Michael Kneihs Trio

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A trip through the different landscapes of modern jazz.


Michael Kneihs: piano

Born in 1967. Studied piano and jazz piano in Vienna. After his diplomas several stays in London, New York and Marseille followed.

Since 1997 Michael Kneihs has been teaching at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna.

He is father of three children. Active in several musical genres: jazz, brazilian music, salsa, R&B. He has performed at jazz festivals (Vienna, Salzburg, Reykjavik) and jazz clubs in Europe and the U. S.

Stilistically, Kneihs considers himself as a „straight ahead“ – pianist who loves to look left and right as well... Rooted in hard bop (from Wynton Kelly to Mulgrew Miller) he is constantly working on new rhythmic and harmonic concepts.


Christoph Petschina: Bass

Born in1962 in Vienna

Teaches electric and upright bass.

He has performed or recorded with: Austrian Jazz Orchester, Wiener Tschuschenkapelle, Otto Lechner, Erika Pluhar, Maria Bill, Vienna Rai Orchester, Warren Vache, Art Farmer, Bill Dobbins, Lew Tabackin, Jon Hendricks, Kevin Mahogany, George Benson, Gary Dial


Jörg Mikula: Schlagzeug

Born in 1975 in Graz

Studied in Graz and at Berklee College of Music in Boston

Performed/recorded with: Drechsler, Sandy Lopicic Orkestar, Timna Brauer- Elias Meiri Ensemble, Peter Rom Trio, Tord Gustavsen, Selen Gülün Trio, Rafael Baier´s Metharmorphosis, Dean Bowman, Deishovida, Sertap Erener, Matthias Loibner, Martin Lubenov, Peter Ralchev, Karl Ratzer, Schermer and the Fonk, Dj Shantel, Sabri Tulug Tirpan, Phil Wilson´s Rainbow Band, Take Murakami Group

Theatre and musical productions


Michael Kneihs about his current trio:

Whether you strive for something completely new (if there is such a thing) or p


refer to walk in the footsteps of your elders, doesn‘t matter. People will get interested in what you do when they feel it comes from your heart!

With this trio I‘m exploring some new areas that have recently caught my interest. At the same time, I‘m not trying to hide the fact that I did study music of the masters.

The result is a voyage through a variety of musical landscapes. The listener will find odd meters and tricky stuff, a lot of drive but also some relaxed grooves. Still, all of it is our trio - because the music comes from our hearts!

The album „Voyage“ appeared in February 2010 on ATS-Records, CD-0703. The music is powerful, joyful and shines in a variety of colours