Saxofour feat. Don Alias

Live- DVD
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Gimme Some Of That


featuring DON ALIAS

Vorschau - preview


To his 20-year-old jubilee in 2011 "Saxofour" - the ensemble of
saxophonic blessedness - publishes a videorecording of a concert
row with the legendary percussionist Don Alias from 1996.

The play joy quite proverbial for Saxofour, the original compositions
and arrangements of four special saxophonists and the successful combination
with one of the biggest percussionist of the jazz history make this documentary
video and sound document a true jewel for friends of creative saxophone music.

1   Urgestrauß, Dickbauer2   Cross culture, Puschnig
3   Thé à la menthe, Bramböck
4   Um amor, Laginha/Puschnig
5   Apfelschnaps, Dickbauer
6   White and pink rabbit, Maurer
7   Up and down the lower Nil
8   Mehrfach gesättigte Fettsäuren
     auf dem Weg ins Paradies, Bramböck
9   For H. K., Maurer
10  Preto e Branco, Laginha/Dickbauer
11  Traintune, Bramböck


12 Don Alias - perc
13 Florian Bramböck - as, ts, bs
14 Klaus Dickbauer - as, bs, basscl.
15 Christian Maurer - ss, ts, basscl.
16 Wolfgang Puschnig - as, fl

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