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Primus Sitter - guitar

Richie Klammer - vocals, trumpet

Stefan Gfrerrer - bass


When the TALLTONES hang out at the campfire with Kurt Weill, Jimi Hendrix and Tom Waits, the sombreros will wiggle in the rhythm of swingin' cactuses moved by desert winds....
The Talltones were founded in 2006. Their basic musical genre lies between pop, rock and jazz while they are not outcasting their folkmusical influences. Standards that don't exist yet will be established and will catch your ear through creative arrangements. The musicians don't feel bound to a certain genre or style and keep on sailing happily and unpredictably  the seven seas of world's music in order to search for new treasures.
The protagonists of that band are no 'newcomers' in Austria's musical landscape:
Stefan Gfrerrer : contrabass
also to be heard with Klaus Paier trio, Extra3, Dietmar Pickl.....
Primus Sitter: guitar
also to be heard with Upper Austrian Jazz Orchester, Mausi, Couch Ensemble.....
Richie Klammer: trompet, vocals
also to be heard with Trio Exklusiv, Fuzzman, Quantett...


Three riders took the 'KingS' by storm 

'The Talltones' aroused enthusiasm in St. Veit

If somebody makes a better version of the tune 'Riders on the Storm' by 'The Doors', it means achieving a lot. A job well done plus great entertainment.

Andreas Kanatschnig, Kleine Zeitung 2010


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