Nane´s Spicy Kitchen Lab

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Nane´s Spicy Kitchen Lab - Appetizer

There sure is cooking something in the kitchen here, so beware: hot
and spicy!
Fiery rhythms, tight groove, humorous interpretation and technical
virtuosity combine Swing, Latin and Funk to an expressive album that
makes one thing clear: these musicians have fun and enjoy what
they’re doing. The album has been recorded all live in one room
which gives the impression of a real live performance. The 2 man
rhythm section – the piano player Hermann Linecker plays left hand
bass – is presenting a tight but still vivid lively groove that gives the
singer Nane the freedom to put all her soul and heart into the songs.
The two guest musicians Herbert Berger on flute and saxophone and
Frank Schwinn on guitar (who is also responsible for recording, mixing
and mastering) complete the music with their virtuosity and sensing
the right moments. You will find traditional jazz standards as well as
jazzed-up versions of pop tunes (U2, Beatles) and own works on this
spicy album called „Appetizer“ which will hopefully make your
appetite crave for more!
Nane Frühstückl – vocals
Hermann Linecker – piano & left hand bass
Peter Traunmüller – drums
special guests:
Herbert Berger – flute, saxophone (tracks 4, 5 & 8)
Frank Schwinn – guitar (tracks 2, 7 & 10)