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Ruff Time



Rooster plays the BLUES!

Played in the many shades and hues '' The Blues'' has to offer.

Stefan Zeisbergers gravely voice and distinct songwriting mark the music
played by this powerhouse bluesband from Graz, Austria. (that's the Alps for you; no kangaroos....).

With a lineup of drums, bass, 2 guitars, vocals and killer sologuitar by frontman Stefan,
ROOSTER tackles grinding slow blues, uptempo boogie, swing blues, ballads and
everything in between, delivering a rousing performance of originals seasoned with the occasional
handpicked covers of songs by the greats like T-Bone Walker, Albert King, Jimi Hendrix...

ROOSTER started out as a trio in 1994 enjoying it's first success in Austria's thriving blues-scene.

In 1996 the CD „Backdoor Man“ (RO 961) was recorded with Michael Willmann on drums.

This success was temporarily cut short by a stroke frontman Stefan Zeisberger suffered in 1998.

With the right side of his body paralized Stefan decided to go back to work in
2006 and got his partner in crime and bass-player Gerhard Steinrück  to pick a new band
to carry on with the ROOSTER project.

Gerhard picked his sons Fabian and Markus on drums & guitar and
Jazz guitar player Titow Griem.
This new incarnation of ROOSTER played its debut in 2007 in Graz.

2009 CD: „Closer To The Blues“ (Ro200906)

Stefan Zeisberger contributes the songs and lyrics, his captivating singing voice and last but not least his unique left-hand-only guitarwork to this exciting mix.

The guitar tandem of Titow Griem and Markus Steinrück takes care of the bulk of the guitarwork,
each one covering rhythm and soloparts according to their own personalties. Titow, a jazz player who loves the blues (or maybe the other way round) and Markus a gifted, fiery young gun..

Gerhard Steinrück, a seasoned player who has worked in every imaginable musical setting (and some unbelievable ones as well) puts down the foundation of the music with authority and taste.

Fabian Steinrück puts his mark on the music with his powerful, highly flexible drumming,
which reflects the wide range of styles he listens to, all the while never letting go of the groove.

Regardless of their individuality, each player in ROOSTER, works hard to find and play the sounds needed  to deliver heartfelt handmade blues to the listener.

2012 CD: „Ruff Time“ with special guests:
Jessica Hoppe: voc,  “Sir” Oliver Mally: guitar & Christian Masser: slide guitar