The Common Blue

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Eleven Songs


The Common Blue is the name of a butterfly. Blue is also a synonym for a certain mood in music. The Common Blue plays songs by Billie Holiday, Fever Ray, Franz Schubert, Arctic Monkeys,  Peter Gabriel, The Beatles amongst others. These interpretations are supported by Kiara Hollatko´s charismatic voice and her bandmates´ sensitive accompaniment. Elements of various music styles are melted to a continuum of sound which is characteristic for the band.

While Andreas Mayerhofer is a real „veteran“ of the Austrian Jazzscene, the young singer Kiara Hollatko reached the final round of ORF´s „Kiddy Contest“ in 2007 when she was only thirteen. Robin Gadermaiers way of playing harmonies instead of single notes on the bass is significant for the band´s sound. After his studies at the Jazz University Graz and several months in New York, Wolfi Rainer is a well-known drummer in the Austrian musicscene.