Da Chara

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Da Chara


The multifaceted tonal possibilities of the combination guitar-violin as well as the highly appealing repertoire for this instrumentation have inspired Caroline Preissl and David Alexander Arroyabe to music-making in 2009. The duo owes many an important impulse, especially in the first time of their collaboration, to the significant Argentinian guitarist María Isabel Siewers.

The name Da Chara (Gaelic: Two Friends) is the title of a work by composer Ian Krouse, taken from the repertoire of the duo.

The piece also became eponymous for them since its initial letters coincide with the initials of David and Caroline.

In the course of the years, colourful concert programmes have developed, played both spontaneously and freshly at the highest stage: classical duos (Giuliani, Carulli, Paganini) are part of Da Chara’s comprehensive repertoire, as well as folkloristically inspired compositions from various countries, such as South American tangos, sambas, or Irish folk music.

The duo melodises with plenty of interpretive tactfulness more recent music by Bartók or Werner Pirchner, as well as jazzinspired pieces, commissioned works, and their own arrangements. The Innsbruck-based duo especially know how to skillfully link works of different genres and to enable the audience to experience those works anew by means of tension-filled contrasts created by said linking.

In the course of this fruitful collaboration, some works have grown dear to the duo’s hearts and have thus become indispensable pearls of their concert programmes.

It is a particular honour that Paolo Tomada has dedicated his own composition Souvenir für David und Caroline to the duo.

Their debut CD focuses this carefully selected music from all types of style and cardinal direction to a “best-of” album of a special kind.

David Arroyabe · Violine
Caroline Preißl · Gitarre