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Best Ingredients





BEST INGREDIENTS is no best-of selection from the Spring String Quartet,
but rather the musical essence of 20 years of experimenting, developing and
refining together. It is an exquisit cocktail of songs that have shaped the four musicians
and accompanied them over the years. It contains stylistically diverse songs from
highly appreciated artists, from Blood Sweat & Tears over King Crimson and Joe
Zawinul to Ēriks Ešenvalds.

In their time-proven manner the four extraordinary musicians and true rock acrobats
avail themselves of the most refined ingredients from classical music, rock,
jazz & metal - curiously exploring the boundaries of their instruments on their
quest for new musical challenges.

Stephan Punderlitschek and Christian Wirth have provided the extravagant recipes
(arrangements) enabling the long- (and by now silver-)haired bards to memorialise
their favorite songs. And Michael Radanovics has supplied the four gentlemen
with the tailor-made „20th Anniversary Suite“.
Romana Gillesberger
Translation: Christa Stern

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