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ParkinSong Duets





12 duets to help find a cure for Parkinson’s
I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2006, aged 48. I thought I was just getting
old when my friends noticed first symptoms. As with most people, when they
are told they have early-onset
Parkinson’s, I would not believe my diagnosis. In the meantime I turned sixty
and have finally come to accept it.
Parkinson’s disease (Pd) is a long-term degenerative disorder of the central
nervous system that mainly affects the motor system. The symptoms
generally come on slowly over time. Early
in the disease, most obvious are shaking, rigidity, slowness of movement, and
difficulty with walking. Thinking and behavioral problems may also occur.
Dementia becomes common in the
advanced stages of the disease. Depression and anxiety are also common,
occurring in more than a third of people with Pd. Other symptoms include
sensory, sleep, and emotional problems. One couldn’t ask for more in any

1 | Park You Too (2:54) Eros Bresolin | Julia Jockelson
2 | Break All Chains (4:14) Badhoven | Gerald Ganglbauer
3 | How Will It Be (5:10) Badhoven | Gerald Ganglbauer
4 | When I Look Into Your Eyes (3:44) John Langford | Gisi Steinert
5 | It‘s Always Me (3:58) The Base | Gerald Ganglbauer
6 | Not the River of Mercy (4:57) The Base | Gerald Ganglbauer
7 | Believe in Everything You Do (3:07) Pete Wain | Andy Hitchman
8 | Red Light Blue Light (4:43) Joerg Veselka | Connie Weixler
9 | So Here I Am (4:07) Johnny Schwarzinger | Uli Sajko
10 | Wasn‘t I the One (6:34) Spring and the Land | Gerald Ganglbauer
11 | The More We (2:06) Billy Spakemon | Ray Andrews
12 | The Sound of Parkinson (2:14) Tom Isaacs (recorded live at WPC 2016)