The following terms of business are written in english an can be downloaded from the customers in his working storage.



§1 Choice of products

(1) the customer has the chance to choose products from the above website and order them.

(2) Particularly for each product the customer is receiving a seperate description of the product on each website.

(3) The customer can click on the desired products on the website. These are collected in a virtual merchandise basket. At the end of this shopping the customer receives a compiling of the products at the final total amount inclusive VAT (value added tax).

(4) Before sending the order ATS-Records enables the customer to check the order on the correctness as regards content, especially as regards price and quantity and if necessary to correct the order.

§ 2 Instruction about return

Right of return

The customer may return the goods receivers within 2 weeks without given any reasons by returning the goods. The period begins at the earliest with receipt of the goods and this instruction. To keep the deadline it is enough to send back the goods in time or the demand of taking back. In this case the return of the goods is at the cost of the customer and will be debited to his account afterwards. The return or the demand of taking back has to be addressed to:

ATS-Records, A-4591 Molln, Breitenau 7, Austria

Consequences of return

In the case of an effective return the receives services are to be given back on both sides so as enjoyed benefits as for example advantages of usage. In case of worsening of the goods has happened exclusively by examination – as it would have been possible for the customer in a shop. The customer can avoid the duty of replacement of the value, by not using the goods like an owner and refraining from anything that could damage the value of the goods.

Audio CD´s and DVD´s are excluded from the right of return.


§ 3 Prices

ATS-Records reserves the right for price changes, products being sold out and any incorrect information about our products that may exist on the site.

§ 4 Completion of the contract

The offers of ATS-Records on the website are subject to alteration. In the case of the goods not beeing at now?? disposal ATS-Records is not under obligation to deliver. A completion of the contract and so a commitment to the particular services, however, comes into being when ATS-Records has confirmed the order in the form of words.

§ 5 Carrying out the contract

Dealing with orders

ATS-Records will process orders within 24 hours (on regular working days).


As far as the ordered products are available, ATS-Records will deliver them within 1 working day after receipt of the order.

§ 6 the payment agreement

(1) ATS-Records make out a bill for the customer, which he will get at the delivery.

(2) The prices on the bill are always ultimated buyer prices inclusive

§ 7 Guarantee and liability

The customer will inform ATS-Records about a defect.