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Rough´n Tough




The Blues are alive and well in Austria as proven by the most recent recording from Sir Oliver Mally Blues Distillery.
This band was formed in 1991 in Austria and they have since worked steadily throughout Europe averaging 180 shows a year while recorpng 6 CDs along the way. Their most recent recording, "Bulletproof", clearly shows that these are seasoned blues veterans that have paid their dues and have written great songs about the journey. I was pleasantly surprised when I put on this CD and heard a variety of not so traditional influences in their music, while still managing to make it into a great blues recording. Without going over each song, I can tell you that my first impression was a Dire Straits influence and I wondered if this was where they were going to go on the entire CD. Man was I wrong. I was thrilled to hear various influences from song to song like Taj Mahal, B.B. King, Country Joe and the Fish, Dr.John, Zepplin II, and Room Full of Blues.
These boys from Austria have clearly done their homework in American music, while also giving the music their own unique sound that really makes you want to see them live.
Walter Krienz is a solid bass player, Willy Hackl is truly a world class drummer, and vocalist. Raphael Wressing will stun you with his Hammond B-3 playing, as well as his piano skills, and last but not least, Oliver Mally himself on blistering guitar leads and vocals.
Randy Oxford, Washington Blues Society



+++ Bruce Iglauer, Alligator Records ­Chicago/Illinois, USA on “BULLETPROOF”
... I was more impressed by this album than by any that I’ve received from a nonAmerican
blues artist in a long time. It shows a lot of variety, maturity and very good musicianship.

I really enjoyed this record.

+++ Blues in Britain ­ U.K.
... Mally is an expressive guitarist has a versatile voice and is a striking songwriter.
+++ Steve James ­ Austin TX. / USA
... this guy is great and a cool guitarplayer.
+++ Doug McLeod
... you never fuck with the guitar, you're always serious, you never overplay. you got so much talent man! you got
what the great players had and have got! you're one of the guys that can do a lot of good things for the blues on this
side of the world! you got a fan in me.
+++ Cruizin’ fora Bluezin ­Heritage FM Radio ­Perth /Australia
... from the other side of the world comes some great Rhythm ‘n’ Blues music that is refreshing.
... “Sir” Oliver Mally’s Blues Distillery have a unique style of music that’s straight forward Rhytm&Blues with
... ”Sir” Oliver’s voice has a mind all it’s own (sung inperfect english) with a sense of humor to boot!
+++ Burnside Records – Portland OR. / USA, on“BULLETPROOF”
... this is a great record!
+++ Lousiana Red ­ USA
... I wish, I would have a regular band like this one.
+++ Detlev Hoegen ­Crosscut Records
... austrias finest urban blues player.
+++ Lou Wolf ­ Blues Association – Hawaii / USA
... great sound and hot leads. Oliver Mally is on the right track.
+++ Johnny “YARDDOG” Jones ­Chicago / USA
... son, you’ve got it all in your fingers.
+++ “BIG LUCKY” Carter – Memphis Tenn. / USA
... these guys give me what I need.

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