Reinhart Sellner Duo

969 #61
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Walk On



Reinhart Sellner (*1947) was a teacher until 2012. But even more important: he is still an active trade unionist and a member of the Austrian Communist Party. And more importantly, he's been a songwriter for almost 50 years. His colleagues include the musicians of the Schmetterlinge, Erich Demmer, Fritz Nussboeck and Sigi Maron. At the beginning of the 1980s Reinhart worked for the “Artists for Peace”, who organized the peace train through Austria with a final concert in Linz with Andre Heller, Wolfgang Ambros and others and Harry Belafonte as a speaker.
Several recordings (Halten Verboten, Dankeschön, Des waa scho wos) from pre-CD times show his talent for songwriting with distinctly pointed lyrics. Nostalgia is not his thing.
Together with the blues guitarist from Linz Timo Brunnbauer (*1973) a journey from the Viennese workers to the slaves of the cotton fields of Mississippi is undertaken.
In 2021 the two musicians recorded songs in several sessions at the Basement Studio in Linz. These are now being released on the CD "Walk On" (after a song by Brownie McGhee) on ATS Records. There were some friends of the duo who contributed to the recordings with their instruments. The 12 songs on the CD are mainly composed by Reinhart Sellner, 4 are covers.