Sakina Teyna - Marco Annau

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Wind And Mountais



Sakîna Têyna is one of the voices of Kurdish music. Marco Annau, successful world & jazz composer was so inspired by Sakîna's voice and the Kurdish language that he dedicated a composition to the artist.
The result is Ba û Çîya / Wind und Mountains, based on a theme by Annau and a text written by Têyna.

Ba û Çîya / Wind and Mountains describes a life in seclusion and how the mighty forces of nature can always fill the hiker anew.
In the chorus we hear the wind and the mountains exhale through the singers.

The singers Özlem Bulut & Basma Jabr can be heard, as well as the members of the Oscar Antolí Quartet, Rainer Maria Nero, Marko Ferlan, Carlos Ronda. The recording was made on February 4th, 2021 at the ORF Radiokulturhaus Vienna.