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Silent City



Based on a traditional jazz background the band „LUTrio“ builds a
bridge between the past and the present of this genre. Founded in
2015 by the drummer Lukas Kleemair, the pianist Urs Hager and the
bassist Tobias Steinrück, the band follows a balanced approach within
the ensemble, allowing each member to bring in his own compositions
and individual ideas to the trio. The band itself can be seen as a
melting pot of these creative inputs of all members which fosters
experimentation and improvisation with all individual ideas. Over the
years the trio has given concerts on various occasions, e.g. in the jazz
clubs “tube’s” in Graz, “ZWE” in Vienna or “jazzGap” in Garmisch. In
2018 the band was awarded a First Prize at the „Podium Jazz, Rock &
Pop 2018“ competition in the category „Jazz and Contemporary Music
In its debut-recording “Silent City”, released on the Austrian label
“ATS-Records”, the trio interweaves the various musical facets of
each band member as well as elements of jazz, pop and even classical
music. Beside several original compositions of the drummer Lukas
Kleemair, the album also includes arrangements of well-known jazz
standards and pieces of the Beatles and Erik Satie.

Lukas Kleemair – Schlagzeug
Urs Hager – Klavier
Tobias Steinrück – Bass