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Great work of art can develop in an environment of devotion and creativity. The tuning of the three musicians Andreas Wallner, David Mayrl and Bernhard Osanna squared with each other’s from the very start. The music of the trio’s new CD uses notes, tones and sounds to create pictures of phantastic landscapes and sceneries which instantly occur in the listener’s imagination.
The original compositions of “Landscapes” touch your heart and soul immediately and directly without being limited by any stylistic corset. In its simplicity “Landscapes" lets your phantasy fly on wings, makes you lose yourself in happiness, enthusiasm, joy and relaxation. On the other hand “Landscapes” stands for tension versus relief, dialogue and resonance, contemplation and letting go. All in all this simply means pleasure and joy.

Dr. Georg Strzyzowski

Andreas Wallner - Gitarre
David Mayrl - Sopransaxophon
Bernhard Osanna - Kontrabass