Criss Cross & Adriane Muttenthaler

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only available for download and streaming



only available for download and streaming

After a long creative break concerning composing, I was bizarrely inspired by
the corona virus. The suffering that no social life took place during the
pandemic was so great that I had to write this corona-Suite from my soul.
Coincidentally, the recording of this eighth album took place in 2023. The jazzsextett
Criss-Cross celebrates its 40th anniversary!

1. Die Maske:
At the beginning of the pandemic, a friend who knew about my Francophilia gave me a
self-sewn mask with French motifs. Therefore this French waltz.
2. Abstand halten:
In this elegiac but rhythmically quite powerful and dance-like part in seven-four time, you
can hear wide melodic arcs with target tonest hat are often far apart.
3. Skype-Abend:
Many a skype evening with friends became a substitute for a meeting in the real life. In
this case, a meal together had to be moved from the restaurant into the internet…
4. Virus-Blues:
This part is dedicated to the many people who have succumbed to the corona virus.
5. Gefüllte Süßkartoffeln:
Many new recipes were tried out at this time…
6. Sauvignon Blanc:
A fine wine should not be missing with a good meal…
7. Das Grammofon:
A drawing of mine shows a pink gramophone on black paper. It symbolizes the positive
power of music in dark times.
8. Frühling:
Spring as a symbol of hope for an end of the pandemic and the new beginning of normal

Adriane Muttenthaler - piano, composition
Chris Kronreif - sopranosax
Viola Falb - altosax
Michael Erian - tenorsax
Heinrich Werkl - bass
Dušan Novakov – drums