Sir Oliver Mally

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Love is a devil




"Sir" Oliver Mally has restlessly earned his singer/songwriter
skills for quite some time now. Without any doubt he comes from
the blues, but has crossed the genre borders quite sometime ago,
may it be with his band, the BluesDistillery, as part of a trio, a duo
or,like now, on his own. Mally does not just play music, he lives it.
It's this authenticity which makes all his different projects
possible. It can't be taken for granted that the matured guitarist
and striking singer Mally with his raspy voice gets along so
perfectly well with the songwriter Mally. Music history has
proved that great composer are not always great interpreters of
their own songs and vice versa. But "Sir" Oliver Mally delivers it
all. No gadgets, no effects; just truly hand made music, intimate,
full of atmosphere and crystal-clear. No matter if it's down-to-
earth-blues (See Me In The Morning), melodious singer-
songwriter folk (Butterfly Girl), slow ballads (You took Me By
Surprise) or the classical outlaw story of Billy the Kid, "Sir" Oliver
Mally cites colleagues such as Steve Earie, Gordon Lightfoot or
Townes VanZandt in a subtle way and still remains himself. Only
some extras like a little percussion here and a little piano there
sweeten up the wide range of genres. But not for the sake of the
sweetness,but "for the sake of the song".