Andreas Mayerhofer Trio

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„…dedicated to the spirit of  John W. Coltrane  (23. 9. 1926 – 17. 7. 1967)”



John Coltrane´s  80th birthday  and 40th day of death were the reason  for Andreas Mayerhofer to look at Coltrane´s music from the view of the piano trio.

Not only Coltrane-originals but also standards that became “immortal” due to his interpretation try to catch the “Coltrane-spirit” on this recording.

It contains 7 titels from different epochs of his work, mainly from the time of the “essential” Coltrane Quartet in the early sixties up to the “free” epoch in the mid sixties.

The soft tones  of this trio are  a contrast to Coltrane´s ecstatic playing, but they try to approach to  Coltrane´s spirituality on that way.


Andreas Mayerhofer  meets his long time friends Wayne Darling and Gerald Endstrasser for the first time together in one band.


Wayne Darling is well known to generations of bass players as the main teacher for double bass at the Jazz University Graz /Austria.

He worked together with Stan Getz, Joe Henderson, Dexter Gordon, Woody Herman, Benny Carter…..

During the last years he maintains his own project called “Bass Encounters” where he shares musicians from the jazz and classical scene  like Miroslav Vitous, Marc Johnson, Arni Egilsson…



Gerald Endstrasser is also well known as a teacher and maintains his own “Online Drum School” (

He accompanied musicians like Eddy Henderson, Raoul de Sousa, Timna Brauer and Elias Meiri, Harry Stojka, he also worked with the “Vienna Art Orchestra” and was winner of the International Jazz Competition in Paris.


Andreas Mayerhofer , like his colleagues , also studied classical music. After having finished his studies in 1988 he concentrated on playing jazz and worked , among others, with Nicolas Simion, Tomasz Stanko, Kenny Wheeler, Peter O´ Mara, Hazy Osterwald, Nils Wogram, Peter Perfido, James Singleton, Allan Praskin, Darryl Harper, Alan Jones, Piotr Wojtasik,

Phil Maturano, Martin Gjakonovski……..


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