Manfred Paul Weinberger quARTet

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After the production of the DVD 'treading the unknown' by Austria meets Canada in 2006 Weinberger wanted to compose music with a more "intimate" sound and a different sort of band than he was used to before.

Naturally, the creative idea was only the beginning. What followed was the question of tone quality and people with whom this could be achieved. In autumn 2006 a new quartet met for the first time. After that first rehearsal it was clear that he had found the right band to realise the project sounds&dependencies.


One new element is the accordion which adds an interesting new sound to his music. It is more subtle than a piano would be, and the effect is a very special sound balance between the different instruments.


The quartet is treating the structures of the compositions in an almost playful way and thus interprets the music in such a way that a unique aesthetic is created. Some of the pieces are composed and fully structured; others create a special atmosphere by means of the quartet collectively improvising within a defined space.


On the CD there are two pieces with lyrics by André Heller and Helmut Qualtinger taken from the book "sitzt ana und glaubt er is zwa'" (somebody sitting and thinking he is two). The interpretation of those two texts and the way how they are related to by the composition make this production outstanding.


Music is interpreted in a chamber-musical jazz context – with the sounds and relations torn between improvisation on the one hand and composition on the other.


Manfred Paul Weinberger, trumpet

Christian Bakanic, accordion/percussion

Christian Wendt, bass

Alfred Vollbauer, drums/percussion


guest: Manfred Mitterbauer, voice

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