Sigi Finkel

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scenes & places



In Jazz, the duet counts as a special, intimate style. You won’t get away with any mistake,
absolute concentration is essential. How much more intimate, then, is a solo concert,
a solo performance!
The saxophonist Sigi Finkel, born in Günzburg, Germany, in 1960 and living in Vienna since
1982, dared what few do: he ventured on a solo recording which is not only powerful
but a true masterpiece.
The highly versatile musician Finkel has above all his own sound – no matter whether playing
a solo in a Big Band or in a duet, you’ll recognize him at once. The current CD “Scenes and
Places” may be classifi ed as the essence of the numerous musical genres Sigi Finkel occupied
himself with during all these years.
From Arabic and African music to Flamenco, from improvisation to earthy groove, Finkel
handles them all. Gags don’t mean much to him whilst the forms of musical expression and
the resulting possibilities are vital to him. When Finkel tackles other styles than western,
he does so thoroughly and never superfi cially. The numerous productions and many concerts
provide ample proof for that.
He has played on every continent, always picking up something which is now inside of him.
And it wants out. The performance with himself has worked out wonderfully – overdubs help
to transform one voice into many, giving rise to a dialogue with himself. The listener may
directly witness the process of creation, responding to an internal voice and an emerging
leading line.
Categories must be left aside. Which is good. Just allow yourself to get carried away by Finkel’s
music, to get swept away by this splendid formation of saxophones, fl utes and kalimbas.
One has to surrender oneself to it and dream.
Through the dialogue with himself, Finkel creates powerful or pastel-coloured images within
the other, the listener. What each listener may actually ‘see’ inside, will vary. We cannot but
compliment Sigi Finkel on the accomplishment of his CD: by virtue of his musical images new
ones arise within all of us who are relaxed enough to surrender to this music.