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The Dust Of A Week



This is pure, contemporary Jazz which, never humorless or
 cold, blows like a magnificent breeze through the window.
 Unpretenscious, but never loosing its virtousity, the
 tracks on this album tell tales, always in a free and
 confident manner, of the eternal search for understanding
 ones surroundings, internal peace and all the other big
 questions of our time. No where to be found are over-used
 or farsical phrases, every word is characterized by a
 serious quest for purity and truth.
 The clear, flexible and perfectly intonated vocal
 presentation by Lana Cencic is what gives the music of this
 Ensemble such a enjoyable quality.
 Throughout the album the musicianship, be it instrumental
 or vocal, is at comfortable ease so that even compositional
 challenges are playfully overcome. The pure and unconceited
 quality of the vocals enriches each track with great
 A fresh breeze is blowing, let's keep our windows open!

 Agnes Heginger