Katja und Martin V. Krusche

692 #71
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This is not a work about water –
it is the water itself that speaks here.

In this music the water itself is the main performer, in effect the third musician in the ensemble.
It is immediately apparent that each body of water has its own sound, its own flow: soft, gently bubbling or powerfully gushing.
Just as each stream, each brook, each river has a distinct outward form, it also has its unique language, with the power to evoke emotions.

But what especially interests us is the layer beneath the immediately tangible surface: We have perceived water as an extremely high frequency, as expressed by the high vocal register, while the continuous rushing is reflected by the constant, repeated driving motifs of the accordion.

At times, the persistency of this never-ending and unstoppable sound seems alarming; at other times it is comforting to know that it will still be here tomorrow. Either way, there is no escaping this eternal sound, this rushing noise.

At the same time both the tremendous beauty of this element and its expansive, powerful and dangerous nature manifest themselves. Together, light and dark emerge in their infinitude – a fantastic spectacle of perpetually disintegrating and reforming shapes.

Everything flows: Never in any river will your feet be lapped by the same water twice.