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TaucherWendtTier - Trio


      Peter Taucher          Aaron Thier

Peter Taucher (guitar), Christian Wendt (bass) and Aaron Thier (drums) aka the TaucherWendtThier Trio are launching a splendid debut in this CD. The three Austrian musicians are not unknown among experts.

Christian Wendt, member of Beefolk and Trio Infernal, has already proven his extraordinary abilities and virtuosity at numerous festivals like Montreux or North Sea.
Aaron Thier has attracted attention in the drumming scene through brilliant solo performances in big drum festivals, as member of various projects (e.g. Studio Percussion) as well as in interviews to renowned magazines like Modern Drummer and Drums & Percussion.
Peter Taucher, guitarist and composer, has become known in music circles for being both carefree and a master wanderer between different styles.

The CD contains seven original compositions and one improvised piece. Due to the musical diversity of the tracks it is useless to try to categorize them although a jazz-fusion context will become apparent. The CD starts with the rhythmically complex, slightly mythical “Gecko”, followed by “Hastig” (“Hasty”) where short, extremely rapid unison lines are contrasted with a harmonious, complex solo part. “Muzungu”, on the other hand, enchants the listener with simplicity in its theme. Fusion rock with a touch of Africa would be the perfect description. “Woka” and “Fanka” are quite different in style. Can “Woka” be derived from “walk” or has “Fanka” got anything to do with Funk? We will never know for sure.

“Lux”, the only ballad, enfolds two contrary effects - a dark and deep one as well as a light and confident one. “Flau” (“Flat”) is carried by a groovy, heavy bass riff in a 11/8 beat and is maybe the most fusion based composition. “Frei” (“Free”), the final piece is a spontaneous jam which perfectly rounds off the CD.
In their CD debut, the TWT Trio show a remarkable range of facets. The compositions mainly impress through their balance between density, variety in style and free solo performances. Just listen in on them.