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Friends Request



TRIO FIX – „Friends request“



In summer 2010 the three Austrian Jazz Musicians Walter Singer – Double Bass, Florian Baumgartner – Drums, Robert Soelkner – Piano got together to go on a musical journey. One year later, after several gigs, rehearsals, a lot of new compositions and a few days in the studio they finished their first album „Friends request“ and released it in July 2011. The release was a big success. On their first two concerts they already sold a hundred copies.


The title of the Album „Friends request“ refers to a piece by Walter Singer with the German name „Freundschaftsanfrage“. It is a slow, kind of Songwriter – like ballad without lyrics, but very expressive. It leaves the question: Will the request be answered?


Of course, these matters are not to te be taken too seriously. Tunes like „Spaghetti Trail“, a short, distorted Western scene by Robert Soelkner or “Sissifuss“, Walter Singers interpretation of the ancient legend of Sisyphus are more of that kind.


Within their broad range of different styles, the three musicians crossed many borders to provide their music with the appropriate sound and rhythm. For that reason, „Friends request“ became a very diversified hearing experience.


In the first piece „Danger in the woods“ you can hear a Tango which later dissolves into an open Jazzpulse. The next piece „Franz, Martha, Heidrun und Engelbert“ is a lyric Ballad in the style of modern Jazz Trios. „Sissifuss“ would have almost been a medium slow Jazz tune but Florian Baumgartners creative drumming has changed the mood into something else. „You think you have evolved...but you haven´t“ is a polyphonic tune with an additional catchy Bossa Nova part. At „Paladin“ which is a chamber music -  like Jazz tune, the melody is interpretated by Walter Singer bowing the bass. „Shoes on main Street“ starts with a heavy backbeat but later takes some unexpected turns. „Diagram“ is only a short excerpt out of a longer piece which works as an interlude between „Shoes on Main Street“ and „Jedesmal“ – english „Everytime“, an odd meter Drum and Bass like tune with a simple but expressive melody. „Paula“ is a children´s song with some classic turns, dedicated to Robert Soelkners daughter. DJ Waz Exp and his partner Michael Sala conclude the album with the „Crescent Street Remix“, which is a remix of an unreleased piece. With all these different tunes, „Friends request“ became a very complex Trio Album, which stands out due to its compositional but also its improvisational side.


And by the way what is TRIO FIX supposed to mean? – It means that the three musicians are going to stay together. You will hear a lot of them. – FIX.




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