Sankt Heinrich

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Des Kaisers Gold



What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the band name “Sankt Heinrich“? Gregorian Chants or organ music? Occasionally, but they beg to differ.


Echoing guitar with a twist of British psychedelic, drums with the fire of early punk and the power of new indie beats, coupled with the avant-garde sound of the bass guitar. The energy created by the instruments is backed by narrative vocals, telling impressive stories of mothers, standing by the shore beckoning, of losing control through excessive consumption, of fire in greater and lesser magnificence and of the skies above the oceans.


After their formation in 2007, the band reformed in late 2008 with a new drummer.  Again as a trio, they started to grind, fuse and bend their songs into shape – replacing anything that was broken. Our, in no way medieval heroes, are Daniel Schiefer, Robert Ebner and Christian Nefischer. With dogs and rifles they dare to chase after the emperors gold to fill up the glasses of the ordinary workmen with wine.


Sankt Heinrich sind:
Daniel Schiefer Gitarre, Gesang
Robert Ebner Bass
Christian Nefischer Schlagwerk



Kontakt Booking:
Christian Nefischer
c/o Sankt Heinrich
Schwellödgasse 5
A-3340 Waidhofen/Ybbs
F: +43 (0)664 820.61.33