Flip Philipp

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The Titel of Flip Philipp´s last Album is a hommage to grant green´s long time organ player Brother Jack McDuff.
Even tough the Compositions are inspired by him and his workingfield.
The tunes come easy,floating and provide a hard swing for the soloist.
Exceptional the  flexible comping of organist Renato Chicco who supported jerry Bergonzi in his former musical Career.
The Mixture of Vibes with Guitar supported by the foamy chords of the Hammond give the tracks a fresh and sunny west coast feeling.
One can quickly find out where the roots of the tunes of this work lay.The spacey ballad Monk´s Idea and the odd meter waltz Green´s bear out of the tradition of blue note .
In Flip Philipp ATS Records has one of the more rare contemporary phenomena in jazz- a thouroughly skilled vibes player who recognizes the virtues of clarity and spereness as well as the need to keep attuned to the individual,expressive needs and directions of his colleagues.