Fish`n Jigs

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What You Are Waiting For



Fish´n Jigs – “What you are waiting for”
With this CD four Austrian musicians try to express their passion and love for Irish and
Scottish music. Impressive ballads, jigs and reels full of spirits and modern songs of the
islands take the listeners on a journey to Ireland and Scotland.
The musicians play on traditional Irish instruments such as the Tin Whistle, Low
Whistle, Fiddle, Banjo, Bouzuki, Guitar and Bodhrán.
Modern songs get supported by acoustic bass and percussion.
Every “Fish“ has her/his own musical roots and with the help of their own identity and
experience in different bands and ensembles they bring in new ideas and elements. For
three years they have been playing and performing together as a band achieving great
The musical arrangements are full of variety and offer a number of surprises. Some
songs put their emphasis on vocal parts for several voices, other songs impress with
speed and grove.
The perfect ability of every musician to play her/his instrument and the unique
personality of voices is the basis of creating the magnificent emotional genre of Celtic
music. There are for example the typical male voices for rebel songs, another male
voice for softer ballads and a female voice capable of interpreting nearly any type of
The diversity of musicians creates a very special atmosphere which can be felt at any
time. And this is exactly what a lot of listeners have been waiting for.

Susanne Ausweger Vocal / Whistles / Background Vocals
Denise Fait Fiddle / Viola / Background Vocals
Andreas Peer Bodhrán / Percussion / Vocal /Background Vocals
Guntram Zauner Guitar / Banjo / Irish Bouzouki / BassVocal Background Vocals