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Music For All Occasions



The ideal combination of groove, originality, spirit, and virtuosity that is not afraid to give humor a major role. Four individualists who logically form a unit at the highest musical level. Four of the most sought after sax players between Scheibbs and Nebraska.
music for all occasions:
SAXOFOUR’s new program doesn’t bring the problem of new music onto the stage; this “problem” is drowned in drive, smothered in melody, eradicated by rhythm, grooved to the grave.. Nonexistent!

The question “Is new music allowed to be fun?” is for SAXOFOUR superfluous. SAXOFOUR is new music. SAXOFOUR eats up the whole new music with skin and hair and shows the lightness of a combination of acting, dance, jazz, music without category; a celebration of the senses enabling the human being to sense the celebration and live without pondering over categories.
music for many occasions…
Chance makes love, chance makes music

Christian Maurer
Wolfgang Puschnig
Klaus Dickbauer
Florian Bramböck




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