LîLa, Lila

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Bridges To India

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In Sanskrit the word „lîla“ means play. The deeper meaning of lîla
means divine play, the play of creation, and re-creation.
„lîla, free and deep, is both the delight and enjoyment of this
moment, and the play of god. It also means love.“
(Stephen Nachmanovitch)
Musical expressions from different continents meet each other -
Indian rhythms face Western harmonies; composed harmonies flow
into an improvised wholeness.
The interplay between the Indian and Western jazz musicians is
inspiring and refreshing. Free from musical conventions or defined
genres, LîLa’s musical spectrum reaches

Peter Schroll – Gitarre/Gesang
Gerhard Buchegger – Piano/Akkordeon
Josef Kolarz – Klarinette
Pintoo Khan – Khartal/Morchang
Haider Khan – Tabla/Gesang
Georg Schmelzer - bass
Leo Geist - drums
Deobrat Mishra (sitar on "Bridges to India")
Maria Putz (vocals on "1000" Years)