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New Beginnings





 The young violinist and composer Kirstie Elen has made it one of her major aims in life to show that the violin is extraordinarily versatile. She already wrote her final paper for school on the topic “Violin Goes Rock.” Producing her own music had long been one of her innermost dreams in life. She finished composing her first album in the flow of a single month last year and it shows without a doubt that the violin is much more than a classical instrument.

In her music, the unique sound of the violin harmonises with deep bases and captivating rhythms. Opposites attract each other like day and night. In these opposites and their drawing powers, the classical instrument unifies with modern genres, low sounds match high ones, and fast percussion fits together with gentle legatos.

Kirstie is inspired by all the music she listens to in her day-to-day life – and its genres range from dubstep and electronic via pop all the way to trailer- and film music. Her constant exemplars are artists like Lindsey Stirling or Hans Zimmer, but also bands like Linkin Park and Fireflight. It is these artists who manage to let their music speak directly to the heart and who let these contrasts of light and darkness seem bittersweet.

For these reasons, “New Beginnings” is an album with most diverse tones, born within beautiful, but also within hard moments of life. Music and her violin, Elena, have always been Kirstie’s best friends and constant companions. They were there when she felt like the happiest person on earth, but also when she was thoroughly devastated, and they helped her to materialise these experiences. Therefore, “New Beginnings” is not just a career-related new beginning; it also mirrors the constant necessity in life to repeatedly start anew.