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Christmas White Green Rocking



Christmas White Green Rocking

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. With Christmas White Green Rocking the singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer Roland Daucher captures the magical feeling of Christmas time, the feeling of peace, joy and happiness in a wonderful way. The background choir reflects the meaning of family and togetherness in this precious time and prefigures the joy of the season. Roland Daucher`s family, and especially his daughter, inspired him with her enthusiasm for Christmas to compose a Christmas pop song. Supported by his close friend and multi-instrumentalist Robin Gillard and by the virtuoso Franz Hiesberger (saxophone) he created Christmas White Green Rocking- a must have for each Christmas playlist.

With Everything is Possible the Austrian singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer Roland Daucher combines strong lyrics, positive vibes and genial sounds in one song. The choir wonderfully reflects the uplifting message that Everything is Possible. The song stands for openness, courage and strength – a universal statement of great importance these days. It is the result of the collaboration of Daucher with the multi instrumentalist Robin Gillard and Martin Payr (keyboard). A testament to the truth that Everything is Possible when we stand together.