Manfred Paul Weinberger, Stephan Braun

979 #48
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Manfred Paul Weinberger, Trumpet
Stephan Braun, 5 string Cello/Live Electronics/Percussion

Confidence - "Trust" is an important source for human action. Mutual trust and confidence in oneself enable an "inner journey" guided by intuition and provide a free space for our inspiration that is not subject to any specific purpose. Artistic decisions derived from the moment alone often contradict the maxims of a world focused on material values. As part of their work, creators of music and art are dependent on living spaces, locations, people and timeframes where ideas can be exchanged through creative dialogue, based on trust.

The collaboration between Stephan and myself began in 2005 with the project Austria meets Canada. Sixteen years later, we have deliberately chosen the fragile line-up of the duo. All twelve pieces are sections of a shared musical journey, the quality of which is based on a transparency and intimacy that emerges through instrumental dialogue. Instead of the complexity of arrangement in large-scale formations, the statement of a composition is being constantly rewritten during the creative process of interpretation in the form of subtle and reciprocal tracking. The wide-ranging polyphony is built up by using electronic effects and real-time recordings that Stephan controls with a loop station both in the studio and at live concerts. For "Confidence", "Porcupine Dance", "Floating" and "Personal Colour", we used studio technology to record additional percussion, trumpet and cello parts.