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A Piece Of Art




With »A Piece Of Art«, Austrian jazz vocalist and mentor Ali Gaggl presents an album that is as multi-layered as it is varied, allowing a lasting insight into her rich musical output of the past decades. Already the line-up of the participating musicians tells of openness, joy of experimentation, and – last but not least – of their presence in the Austrian music scene. With friends and long-time musical companions at her side, she performs her own compositions, gives jazz standards and big band arrangements her very own touch, and presents herself – once again – as a virtuoso improviser with a distinctive voice.

A »feat« in which many years of experience meet musical passion and mutual trust, and an incomparable journey through a very personal musical history full of esprit, which gives a lot of space to the outstanding contributors.

Ali Gaggl's distinctive timbre shines both in classical accompaniment of a piano trio (Stand Up) and embedded in the sonic tapestry of the contemporary Koehne String Quartet (In A Sentimental Mood). Convincingly and without false modesty, she defies weird brass sections, two electric guitars, complex piano voicings, groovy bass phrases, and rhythmic angular moves of the drums (A Piece Of Art, African Child).

Last but not least, her vocal expressiveness is also convincing in all tutti passages and fortissimo parts of the Upper Austrian Jazz Orchestra (UAJO), whose front woman she has been for more than two decades (God Bless The Child, Creatures Of The Wind, C'est si bon).

She writes the lyrics for her own compositions as well as for those of her colleagues, which can also be understood as a critical examination of current topics. (Migration, Stand Up, Here and Beyond).

Despite all seriousness, the present album »A Piece Of Art« radiates plenty of optimism and playfulness and Ali Gaggl builds a bridge between past and present with the selection of the titles. A project more than worth listening to, carried by desire, musical ability and friendly trust.


Ali Gaggl                             voc, comp
Wolfgang Puschnig             as, fl
Christian Maurer                 ts, ss, bcl,
Heribert Kohlich                  p
Primus Sitter                       guit, comp
Rudi Melcher                      guit, comp
Emil Krištof                         dr
Karl Sayer                           b