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Klezmer, Swing, Jazz, Musette, Balkan-Groove & Contemporary 

Music from all directions

Wolfgang Weissengruber (sax)
Manuela Kloibm├╝ller (accordion & vocals)

The joy of playing is inscribed in the SpielZEUGS duo, with music of all kinds, with thoughts, with language. While Wolfgang Weissengruber explores world chamber music with the jazzy timbre of the saxophone, Manuela Kloibm├╝ller follows the many traces of the accordion in the music of the world and gives songs their own touch with her voice. SpielZEUGS plays with influences from different cultures and brings together what fits together. Tango, swing, jazz, musette, Balkan groove or contemporary sounds, the two musicians trust their instincts and play with the diversity of their instruments.