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ZWEIMAURER (Two masons) 4 musicians, 2 bricklayers, one band. Father and daughter who lead the bandand compose together. Of course it's jazz, but of course the term "jazz"cannot describe the quartet's profoundly unique style. Each of the four artistsbrings a completely independent and idiosyncratic musical profile and whenthey come together they create a musical explosion between contemporaryacoustic jazz, blues, Latin and rock. The cooking is hot - and spiced up withodd meters, complex harmonies, sometimes catchy melodies, a touch ofmelancholy and plenty of musical wit.Sometimes it's just madness that makes us who we are!This explosive mixture is also the result of madness, which leads to a musicalclimax when the four musicians Christian Maurer, sax, Anna Maurer,piano/vocs, Wolfgang Rainer, drums and Robert Riegler, bass, cometogether.The four artists find themselves in the middle between earthy grooves,refined harmonies, energetic improvisations and simply beautiful melodies,each time creating something new and supernatural from these ingredients
Everything is impossible until someone does it!
Simply Jazz, but as a general mindset
It´s not a WHAT, it´s a HOW!!!

Lineup:Anna Maurer – vocals, piano
Christian Maurer – saxophone
Robert Riegler – bass
Wolfi Rainer - drums