Flip Phillip & Ed Partyka Dectet

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Hair Of The Dog


      Flip Philipp        Ed Partyka               

the truth is what makes art important, because then it contains everything.
when you limit yourself, you reduce the truth of your work and you give
people less. a consumer buys what he's told to buy. a real listener appreciates
variety and individuality.

1 minors
comp. & arr. feat. flip phillipp
feat. flip philipp - vibes, oliver kent - piano
this cd is a little bit of everything and a
conglomerate of the music we love and are
nfluenced by. mixing everything together
is my way of doing things.

2 blue mosque
comp. & arr. feat. flip phillipp
feat. fabian rucker - baritone sax., oliver kent -
piano, flip philipp - vibes
i wrote this tune after a trip to bulgaria with the
wladigeroff brothers doing a gig in plovdiv and
sofia i heard a lot of traditionals there and was
fascinated by the virtousity of the musicians playing
this stuff in neckbreaking tempos at ease. The
titel is misleading because „the blue mosque „is located
in istanbul, turkey but the music of bulgaria
was the initating match for writing this oriental
kind of tune.

3 better not
comp. & arr. feat. flip phillipp
feat. flip philipp – vibes, jure pukl – tenor sax,
martin eberle – trumpet
usually inspired by a beatles tune called lucy in the
sky with diamonds. it is a kind of jazz waltz starting
in 7/4 and moving around between 3/4 and
12/8 before finally fading out into the distance.

4 mother's cakes
comp. & arr. feat. flip phillipp
feat. robert bachner, flip philipp, martin eberle,
wolfgang schiftner formerley entiteled wedding
cake is a tour the force of tempo, harmony and
arrangement. the 5/4 melody riff moves over a
4/4 beat and switches around in syncopation. the
tune costed all of us nerves while recording it.

5 groove bag
comp. & arr. feat. flip phillipp
feat. wolfgang schiftner – flute, flip philipp – vibes
was inspired by listening to the modern jazz quartet
blues at carnegie hall record where i found the
groove of milt jacksons original called „home“. this
song is my personal tribute to the greatest vibes
player and greatest inspiration for me.
i wrote a simple hookline repeating several times
over a blues in g7#9,a dding every player of the
ensemble every chorus until the big tutti chorus
brings back the simple hook.
the shout chorus i staken from diverse milt jackson
solos transcriptions mixed together.

6 time
comp. flip phillipp, arr. ed partyka
feat. flip philipp - vibes, fabian rucker - bass
is like a deep breath with just relaxity and pause.
no hights no downs just a long, long phrase in a
wide musical entity.

7 woman trouble
comp. & arr. ed partyka
feat. ed partyka - bass trombone, fabian rucker -
bass clarinet, martin eberle - trumpet, robert
jukic - bass
the blues – nothing more and certainly nothing less

8 hair of the dog
comp. & arr. ed partyka
feat. jure pukl - tenor sax, oliver kent piano
three weeks of dog-sitting in the summer of 2008
and a friendly golden retriever under my desk
while i wrote this...

9 kotzen beim
comp. & arr. ed partyka
feat. wolfgang schiftner - bass clarinet & alto sax,
robert bachner - euphonium
an unfortunate incident occured while i was visiting
my accountant during the completion of this piece

10 let it go ro
comp. & arr. ed partyka
feat. fabian rucker – baritone saxophone
for the opera fans in the audience: yes, this used
to be „rigoletto“.

Flip Philipp - vibraphone
Ed Partyka – basstrombone, Tuba
Robert Bachner – trombone, Euphonium
Martin Eberle – trumpet, FlÜgelhorn
Jure Pukl – Tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
Wolfgang Schiftner – alto saxophone, bass clarinet, flute
Fabian Rucker – Baritone Saxophone, bass clarinet
Oliver Kent-piano
Robert jukic - bass
Christian Salfellner – drums

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