Flip Philipp - Ed Partyka Octet

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The „small big band“ has been an important part of the development of
jazz since Miles got his „Birth Of The Cool„ nonet together in 1948. Usually
between nine and eleven players, it offers the arranger enough colour and
texture to work with without the heaviness of a full big band. When we
started this project we went back and looked at not just Birth of the Cool,
but also the Thelonious Monk Orchestra, Teddy Charles Tentet, Lee Konitz
Nonet and the medium sized bands from Gil Evans and Marty Paich. To this
illustrious history we´ve added our own particular enunciation and flavour,
creating a sound that is (hopefully) easily identifiable in a jazz-historical
context but also offers a few surprises along the way.
Music must play a moral role in our soul deadened society of fast food and
mass media „entertainment“. It is becoming increasingly difficult in this day
and age to fight off sensual stagnation and this music is an attempt to
stem the tide – one small drop in the bucket.
we have found that knowing the tradition is the best avenue to new ideas
and have been inspired by Ives, Bartok, Webern, Bach Coltrane and Monk.
For me there is no conflict between classical and jazz and likewise between
old and new – it is all one continuously flowing musical stream. I´ve also
tried to stay away from institutions and people that deaden the soul and
suck the senuality out of life. I prefer to learn and explore on my own and
use real life experience as the basis of my education.
There is a quote from Emerson that I often think of when attempting to
compose:“ Only an inventor knows how to borrow.“
Emerson „quotation and originality“ , in the complete works
Flip Philipp - Vibraphone
Ed Partyka - Bass Trombone & Tuba
Christian Salfellner - Drums
Milan Nikolic- Bass
Jure Pukl - Tenor & Soprano Saxophone
Daniel Nösig - Trumpet, Fluegelhorn
Heinrich Bruckner - French Horn
Adrian Mears - Trombone

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