Flip Philipp / Klemens Marktl Constellation

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Open Sea



Listening to this album for the first time provoked a very interesting sensation

in me; I‘ve only ever heard one other band with this same instrumentation, and it‘s Dave Holland‘s Quintet, which I‘ve been a member of for some years now. I was fascinated to hear some other possibilities for this group of instruments, and the more I listened the more I felt myself appreciating the distinct personalities of these musicians, and enjoying their company. The first thing I react to from a musician is their sound, and all these guys have great sounds.

Klemens‘s sound on the drums is subtle and focused, Flip‘s not afraid to dig

into the vibes, Milan‘s bass is strong and woody, Adrian‘s trombone sound is

warm and noble, and Andy‘s soprano sound especially leaves me a little envious!

The addition of Luis Ribeiro‘s percussion adds great flavor and some exciting

rhythmic moments. The compositions are very thoughtful and encompass a wide range of moods, and it‘s obvious that the band spent some time really getting to know the music and letting it grow. The tunes are challenging, but the band plays them with a great sense of spirit and camaraderie.

Chris Potter, New York 2010



In this new journey my buddy Klemens takes his drumming and his writing

to new heights. It‘s nice to enjoy and listen to his musical growth as I listened

to this great piece of music he and his partner Flip Philipp have put together. I am really excited at the future of music.

Gregory Hutchinson, New York 2010





Flip Philipp-Vibraphon

Klemens Marktl-drums

Milan Nikolic-Bass

Andy Middleton-saxophon

Adrian Mears-trombone

Louis Ribeiro-Percussion

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